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New single! - NAGYEDi collaborated on a neo-soul track

It's been a long long story to get from the idea to the final production of the song called "Like Before". We are super excited to finally share this project with you that was a collaboration with artists in Hungary.

The idea came from the guitarist and producer Sandor Petrovity aka. Saša who I used to play with before moving to London. I was more than happy to work on the vocals and lyrics. It took me quite some time to record them as Mika, my toddler kept me busy. As next step, Saša and the bass player Botanga were working on the track for pretty long again. We were trying to film a video for the song, knowing that this track was supposed to be the introduction of Saša, that deserved some bigger hype. I happened to be in Hungary around Eastern so we could organise a shooting. That was another funny story, as we needed to find a new scene last minute, thanks to the shitty weather. My friend suggested the new spot that we actually loved much more than the original one. Our friend was working on the video after his 10-12 hours of work every day, just because he loved the song so much. Long story short, we weren't in a rush. We wanted to create something cool, despite the circumstances. This is it, enjoy:

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