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My new Hungarian single 'Még egyszer' is out now!

Updated: May 15, 2021

Christmas in 2020 was just as strange as the whole year. My new song 'Még egyszer' was inspired by the fact that, due to the current situation all around the world, we need to wait even longer to see each other again.

How can you make yourself feel better?

Write a song about the sh£t we live in. Make it happen for yourself no matter what. Build such a strong micro environment for yourself, that even if the world collapsed, nothing could stop you from feeling strong. There is always hope to see each other "még egyszer" (once again).

And the song is about hope.

Why is 'Még egyszer' special?

This song is the first track not just written, but recorded and produced by me.

What about the video?

Our original plan was to use footages about the empty Budapest. Later on, as the song was building up from just piano and vocals, we imagined something more abstract. We recorded the video in our bathroom with my husband. He worked on it for days to make the best out of it in Cinema 4D. The idea came from his profession and passion as a motion graphics director, and I could easily find meaning to it, and connect it to the message of the song.

What is the meaning?

For almost a year, my friends and family are mainly heads on necks on a screen. It is crazy, how important video chats became lately. At the same time, I try to draw people's attention to a trend that makes being unique more difficult. This trend pushes you to simple queue up faceless, and do what others do. The so-called 'mask army' at the end of the video refer to a kind of sheep effect.

Where can we hear to song or see the video?

So far, you can listen to Még egyszer here, on the website, or download it from Bandcamp. The video is also available here, and on my Youtube channel.

I'll let you know as soon as it is available for streaming.


Mixing, mastering: Cubico Sound

Video Director: Pav Pav

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