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NAGYEDi surprises with afro-reggae track

The singer, songwriter and music producer NAGYEDi releases a surprisingly happy single in collaboration with Egyptian music producer Mostafa Bakry. The track called On a Rollercoaster is now available on every major streaming platform and in digital music stores.

"When Mostafa messaged me the idea of a - quoting - happy track that will make people dance, I was like, yeah, I love challenges. I don't usually find inspiration in happiness. All my songs are related to hard times, therefore I was waiting for the lyrics to come for a few weeks. The interesting thing is that while I shared some bits of the song before the release, some friends, family and followers shared their excitement about me finally releasing a happy and danceable song, but if you dive into my words a bit deeper, you will probably find a depressive meaning to them" - says the songwriter.

The song On a Rollercoaster is actually about being sober and believing that you can manage your life much better without using drugs, than with them, and also a motivational hymn about taking risks and starting a new life when the old one is suffocating. The afro-reggae track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Mostafa Bakry. The artwork was created by NAGYEDi.

You can stream the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Deezer, and every other major streaming platform, you can support NAGYEDi and buy the track on Bandcamp, or you can enjoy the official audio with a simple artwork on Youtube.

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