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Harmonia by NAGYEDi
NFT Collection

NAGYEDi_Harmonia_moon on transparent 2560x1440 V2.png

The song is about embracing our solitude, and in the middle of acceptance, you may forget about all the sore and scars you have ever suffered from, and just dance to the beats. Listen to the tune while getting lost in the visuals.  More on Opensea.  

A unique collection of non-fungible digital art pieces created while dreaming on the visuals for my song 'Harmónia'. 


We didn't use any special tools to paint this one-time collection, apart  from our imagination and creativity - and an iPad with an Apple pen. 

IMG_8506 3.jpg

It all started as having fun or relaxing, and  now it might be a whole new direction in self-expression.

As part of the concept, I titled the pieces the same name as I saved the files on my computer, 


NAGYEDi_Harmonia_NFT Edition 

Check out the new video remix, pick your favourite part of the song and visuals, or collect them all. The available NFTs are video files. To watch them, go to the Opensea gallery. 

#1 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_birds chirping preview
#2 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_intro preview
#3 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_verse 1 preview
#4 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_verse 2 preview
#5 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_verse 3 preview
#6 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_verse 4 preview
#7 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_chorus part 1 preview
#8 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_chorus part 2 preview
#9 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_instrumental bridge part 1 preview
#10 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_instrumental bridge part 2 preview
#11 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_instrumental bridge part 3 preview
#12 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_new beats part 1 preview
#13 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_new beats part 2 preview
#14 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_harmonia vocal samples solo part 1 preview
#15 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_harmonia vocal samples solo part 2 preview
#16 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_outro part 1 preview
#17 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_outro part 2 preview
#18 NAGYEDi_Harmonia_silence preview
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