It's not just a shop. It's a gallery of everything I create in physical form, hand in hand with others. 

Check out the gallery below, and get yourself something from my shop. 
With this move, you would also support me and my artistic side, so I can create more. Thank you. 

With Love,


CD case front.jpeg

NAGYEDi - 'Visszatérő elemek compact disk (CD)


My first album full of different songs that I wrote in Hungarian.

2000x2000 black tote bag closeup  copy.png

Tote bag 42x38cm black 'Még egyszer' design

100% eco-cotton, limited edition, digital print on one side. The graphics are part of the music video for the track called 'Még egyszer'. 

2000x2000 blue tote bag closeup  copy.png

Tote bag 42x38cm blue 'Még egyszer' design


Same tote bag, in blue. Limited edition.