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"NAGYEDi's solo project promises cultivated music with several roots, and a strain of honesty."
- Lángoló.hu

NAGYEDi (Edina Nagy) is a London-based singer and songwriter originating from Hungary. She'd been the lead vocalist and lyricist of the melancholic underground band 'Anyu Nem Seedel', playing their original material for 7 years. Closing this important part of her life, she bumped into the guitarist Kolos Gunyhó in 2014, and decided to introduce herself in a more intimate musical environment. Their pop-jazz duo (Edi&Kolos) won the jury prize at one of the most appreciated competitions for musicians in Hungary (Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál).

“We merge, we stay, we love, we fly, we fail, we fall, we cry, we die, and I don’t need much more than I’ve got…”

- NAGYEDi - On The Edge


Later on, Edi started focusing on her original songs, and released her first single ‘Csend’ produced by Dure Holiday in 2015. She set up a live band, and played at art festivals and clubs in Budapest, and all over the country in the following years.


In 2018, they recorded some of their original songs, releasing the first LP (Visszatérő elemek), along with 2 singles (Runaway, On The Edge live).

Edi is currently working on new material, with lyrics in both Hungarian and English.

Striding out alone since she moved to the UK, NAGYEDi has been producing her songs. This long-considered move to experiment with sound design opened her up to an even more unique genre. 

The artist's deep, conscious lyrics are inspired by difficult situations and her related feelings. The musical environment keeps changing depending on the vocals, influenced by R'n'B, jazz, pop, trip-hop, tribal rhythms, and folk music. 

NAGYEDi Yornkek.jpg

“And now, I’m strippin’ to the skin in front of you with the lights on, so you can see my imperfection.”

- NAGYEDi - Fall in Love Again

"I make dance music for people who are not afraid of their own shadows, and like to move to weird stuff."
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